About Rick

Rick J. Douglas, Author & Speaker

I was born in a small town in Texas where life was slow and simple. My father was a blue collar worker and we lived in a very modest two-bedroom bungalow in an older part of town. I was an only child who spent most day’s outside either on my bicycle or rolling toy trucks around in the dirt. I didn’t mind being alone and entertaining myself. It was a time when summers were long, cartoons were on for about five hours on Saturday morning, and watching “I love Lucy” on the Tiny Tube TV was the best entertainment around.  My parents and I, and much of my extended family, attended a small church about five blocks from our home and in the truest sense, these sixty or so people became my extended family.  I attended this same church for forty years, so when one references “born and raised”, it could not know more reality than it’s expression in my life. From outward appearances, things would appear to be very innocent and “1950”s ish on all counts. Unfortunately, in an era that is often referenced as simple and innocent, there were skeletons that were very deeply hidden in the closets of those small bungalows and the horrors of it would bring about a life of secrets and fear that, for me, in time would heal but the healing would come with the price of struggle. As an child I was fairly artistic and creative. This led to convincing cousins that I could cut their hair and they were trusting enough to allow me. It worked and it led me to a career in that for much of my life. I married a beautiful, beautiful women and had two beautiful daughters who as of January 2022, have blessed me with six grandchildren. Learn more about Rick J. Douglas’ journey, visit his Testimony Page.

Life is good. God is good!

Rick Douglas presently Co-Pastors a rural church in North Texas, is an author and speaker, and he still enjoys the creative outlet of barbering and cutting hair one day a week. Rick and his wife, Sheila work together and it is an amazing ministry outlet for them and is a blessing as so many special relationships have formed. It again, seems to be an extended family. Rick loves to preach, speak, and write with the current of being an encourager to help those who may have experienced abuse in their past. Whether it be as slight as having an non-nurturing childhood or SRA (satanic ritual abuse) and everything in between. I have found that council helps but when combined with prayer and Biblical Foundations, it is possible to get over the hump of the devastating effects of a less than perfect life or difficult childhood. I regret that I have experience in this but am blessed that God can take my experiences and use them to help others.

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